How We Run Our Camps

Vex EDR Camps / Vex IQ  Camps


- Five day camp (Monday through Friday from 8 am to 12 pm

- Vex is offered to campers in grades 5th - 8th and I.Q is offered to campers in grades 3rd - 6th

- Groups of 3 to 4 campers

- Campers will compete for awards

- Snacks will NOT be provided

- Both the Vex and I.Q camps run alongside each other 

- Competition on Friday at 10:00am (Parents are encouraged to come and watch)

- Rides will NOT be provided

Day 1

- Campers will be given an introduction to what  Vex robotics is and how they are used.

- Campers will start to build the base of their robot (the drivetrain).

- Campers will be given a detailed explanation of the Vex challenge by their provided mentor.

- Campers will be given a copy of the rules and how the game is played so they can study it at home.

Day 2

- Campers will finish their drivetrain and start to prototype and build their arm for their robot.

- Campers will be given instructions to know how to program their robot for the next day.

Day 3

- Campers will finish their arm and start to program their robot.

- Campers will learn how to program both autonomous and teleoperated portions of their robot.

- After programming their robot, campers will start to practice driving their robot on the competition


- Practice matches will begin.

Day 4

- Campers will continue to drive their robot. After each camper has a chance to drive their robot, the

group will decide a main driver for the competition. 

- Qualification matches will begin. Campers will be given specific instructions to how a competition

match will operate . 

Day 5

- Qualification matches will come to an end and then we start to pick alliances for the elimination matches.

- At 10:00 am, parents are invited to come and see their child compete in the elimination matches

- Awards ceremony

- End of camp​​