Vex I.Q is available to campers through grades 3rd - 6th. Vex I.Q is for children who want to learn how to program and build their own robot. Vex I.Q runs off of a language called RobotC into the robot. In this system, campers will create a program and build to compete in a challenge. Vex I.Q is a fun way to learn how to start programming and building for beginners.

​​What Technology Do We Use?

​​​Vex Robotics are available to campers through grades 6th - 9th. We use the Vex Robotics system to show campers the three main components of engineering and robotics. Design, Building, and Programming. These three components are taught over the 5 day period of the camp by experienced mentors that are provided to each team. Vex Robotics uses a metal based system that is easy to put together and manipulate into different parts for the campers robot. This system runs off of a program that lets campers control the robot with a controller. Vex Robotics is the highest system offered to our campers.